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Is an Afro-Futuristic, Sci-Fi Fantasy epic.  Primarily experienced through the narrative of Ezra—The last of the Preservers—descendants of the Siva and original inhabitants of Apeiros; now all but extinct a few millennia later. 

Forces are conspiring on New Albyion, the nearby moon colony occupied by the remaining Siva people and countless intergalactic species, as the controlling factions are vying for the power to alter New Albyion's way of life for all its inhabitants with the unfathomable power of 

The Sacred Elements of Apeiros, powerful artifacts that shaped reality for the ancient Siva. And only Ezra may have the power to put a stop to the factions dubious agenda. If he can unlock the secrets of his own mysterious lineage. 


LAUNCHING SOON IN FEBRUARY 2023!!! Apeiros World Odyssey—A 100+ page Afro-futuristic Sci-fi Fantasy graphic novel full of intense action, narrative driven plot, amazing visuals and world building, compelling characters, and more! 

You can follow the project here: Apeiros World Kickstarter

Official Apeiros World Odyssey Vol 1 Cover


Following the release of highly classified information to the public on New Albyion; the nearby remote moon-colony orbiting Apeiros, and home to hundreds of millions intergalactic denizens—Ezra is now a persona non-grata and being actively hunted by the ruling elites and their Enforcers on New Albyion.

However Ezra and Khadija have plans of their own as they orchestra a risky heist to plunder the remaining sacred artifact that stands in the way of the top faction's ultimate goal: for a ruthlessly controlled Apeiros and New Albyion.

Elsewhere on the moon colony other players, new and old, have entered this game of power, theocracy, chaos, and revolutionall leading to a high-stakes flashpoint for the future world of Apeiros and its sacred elements.

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