Timeline of Apeiros

A brief history...

In the era when Apeiros was in its prime it flourished as an advanced civilization for eons. Calamity struck the planet, leaving the ecosystem uninhabited over time. By an extreme act of fate, the remaining population is rescued by a visiting off-world species to the doomed planet; effectively migrating the survivors to the nearby moon colony of New Albyion.

Visual timeline of Apeiros and historical epochs
Timeline of Apeiros

Where we are today

Now a few millennia into the future, the power, influence, and population of Apeiros' prime civilization has dwindled greatly. Apeiros has now become a staging ground for plundering its mineral rich elements and other powerful relics that have stood the test of time.

Things begin to escalate when the controlling entities begin to line up against each other for a final showdown that will change the future of New Albyion and Apeiros.