Ezra | Main Character for Apeiros World

Khadija | Close Friend and Ally to Ezra

Tysin | Mentor and Guardian to Ezra


Last of the Preservers, a clan tasked with upholding and protecting the ancient history and culture of the former Apeiros Civilization.

However Ezra is a persona non grata as Enforcers of New Albyion's most powerful faction has charged him with conspiring against New Albyion and Glyph, the ruling faction.

A former Archivist under Glyph, he's now on the run to hinder a secret plot from them that will put all of Apeiros and New Albyion at risk. But at what cost? The deeper he goes into figuring out what Glyph is after the more his own history gets in the way of fulfilling his mission...


Ezra's close friend and ally as they both seek an end to Glyph's dubious actions.

The best pilot on New Albyion or Apeiros; she knows ships and vehicles like no other. While she enjoys the silence and solitude of space, Khadija has a soft spot for the occasional creature comfort.

Driven by the need for revenge for her brother being killed while under a top secret mission for Glyph, she'll stop at nothing to see it through...


Chief Herald of the remaining Preservers. Their clan is looked upon as being antiquated in their customs and rituals by the other Siva that occupy New Albyion, as most Siva had to adapt and evolve socially with the other intergalactic denizens for their survival; only the Preserver clan remained resolute throughout time.

Tysin is the wise mentor to Ezra and protector of their culture.