New Albyion

-Remote space port and colony where the ancient inhabitants—the Siva—migrated to during the collapse of Apeiros. Graced by the advanced technology brought by visiting off-world species, the descendants of Apeiros managed to survive. Now centuries later New Albyion is controlled by the major factions fueled by the lust for power and dominance, most prominently by Glyph, but others are soon arising. Change is coming and quickly to New Albyion. However not all change is growth…

Upper Echelon 

-Only the powerful and affluent make it to this elysian space. All of the controlling factions operate from the shadows within this locality on New Albyion. The crown jewel for the growing factions is the seat of the Glyph Hierarchy; the ultimate power center that determines all fates. 

Mid-Sector | Mid-Point

-The most populous of the three localities. A majority of this sector is carved into the underground of the moon that makes up the whole of New Albyion. Many millions of intergalactic transients have made this place home as its close proximity to Apeiros' fabled elements brings promise of power and cosmic betterment. 

Lower Regions

-Home to those just looking to carve out their own meager existence amongst the corrupt aspects of the society that lives above them. Luckily, denizens of this sector are largely ignored giving it its own micro economy of thievery, bounty hunting, and black-market trading.

Mid Sector on New Albyion - Art by Borist