Khadija - Close Friend and Ally to Ezra


Ezra's close friend and ally as they both seek an end to Glyph's dubious actions.

The best pilot on New Albyion or Apeiros; she knows ships and vehicles like no other. While she enjoys the silence and solitude of space, Khadija has a soft spot for the occasional creature comfort.

Driven by the need for revenge for her brother being killed while under a top secret mission for Glyph, she'll stop at nothing to see it through...


Transient Native


Former Glyph Pilot

Known Potential: 

Highly exceptional pilot. Experience with multitude of native and off-world navigational systems and spacecraft. Proficient combat experience and aptitude. 


Native born on New Albyion and former mid-ranking pilot within Glyph's intergalactic fleet. Has active bounty for AWOL circumstances unaccounted for.