World of Apeiros

-An ancient world full of mystery, hope, wonder, and now extreme hostility as forces gather and conspire to plunder its depleted resources that were once bountiful in the form of its sacred artifacts known collectively asThe Elements of Apeirosmany of which have been lost to time and the inadvertent destruction of the planet now void of habitable biomes and ecosystems due to mysterious causes a millennia ago. Glyph has extensively investigated and is believed to know the true cause of the collapse.

According to Siva history there exists a few prime elements from which all others derived and the knowledge of their utility was held close to the Siva people and survived the ages. The culmination of that tragic history and sacred lore now solely resides within its last true heir, Ezra.

An enchanting planet as old as time itself. In its prime it held much beauty and splendor, providing for its inhabitants every imaginable pleasure. The abundant resources on Apeiros garnered the most prolific and advanced civilization not seen almost anywhere in the known galaxy. It's been said that Apeiros was the origin of the universe and that all things begin and end here. 

Apeiros World Midjourney AI Art

Apeiros World Midjourney AI Concept 2

Apeiros World Midjourney AI Concept 3

Ezra & Khadija on Apeiros - Art by Adeleye Yussuf