What Is The Apeiros World Project?

The Apeiros World Project is a multimedia, narrative art project encompassing The Elements of Apeiros storyline—a reimagined take on the Cyberpunk, Afro-futurism, and Sci-fi/Fantasy genres. Experience this creative, imaginary world full of wonder and mystery through an immersive curation of rich illustrations and minimalistic graphic design, all interwoven in collectable art and various stories and collectable merchandise! Go Explore!

What's The Overall Story?

The Apeiros World Project is a multimedia art project and story encompassing The Elements of Apeiros—a reimagined take on sci-fi & fantasy genres. The Project begins with The Elements of Apeiros art book—a visual narrative that opens up the story with Ezra and his revealing of the sacred elements. But will take you on a journey of passion, pain, corruption, discovery, mystery, wonder, and identity.

What Makes The Apeiros World Different?

Establishing authentic narratives has become all the more important in a society where stories come and go, but many do not have lasting power to really change or influence people in a profound way. With the narrative through-lines of Apeiros this project seeks to present fresh perspectives on themes such as identity, change, and other topics not thoroughly expressed in mainstream culture.

How Can I Support The Apeiros World Project?

Continue to watch all social media channels with the @apeiros.world handle or sign up for the Apeiros World Newsletter!


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